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    Educators are being asked to track data now more than ever.  Questions arise such as "What am I looking for?", "Where do I find it?", and "What am I going to do with it?".  Utilizing a web-based data warehouse, such as DataDirector, allows educators within our consortium have the ability to access data for current and past school years (trend analysis), give both formative and summative classroom assessments (item analysis) and data-mine both state and national assessments such as MEAP, MI-Access, MEAP Access, MME and ACT. 

    • Instructional Materials

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    • Uploading Data for DataDirector Import

      Click on the appropriate data group to submit student data to be imported into DataDirector.

      Questions: Contact Heidi Aldrich at

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      Uploading EXPLORE and PLAN Data

      Please send your EXPLORE and PLAN discs to Heidi Aldrich at the GIRESD to have data uploaded into DataDirector.  Remember to include the letter form ACT that contains the password to unlock the contents of the disc.  

      MME/ACT/WorkKeys Data

      MME/ACT/WorkKeys data will be uploaded when unembargoed from the State of Michigan annually.


      Contact Heidi Aldrich at or at 989-875-5101 ext. 2341.

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    • Data is Power

      "Data is Power", sponsored by Data Quality Campaign is a short video that demonstrates how we use data and why it is so important to us as educators. 


    • Contact Heidi Aldrich

      Heidi Aldrich

      Data/Technology Instructional Specialist

      Gratiot-Isabella RESD/Midland County ESA

      1131 East Center Street

      Ithaca, MI 48847

      Phone: 989-875-5101 ext. 2341